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Purr-fect Prints - Keepsake for Cat Lovers 6 x 8 Inch Slate Plaque


Purr-fect Prints - Keepsake for Cat Lovers 6 x 8 Inch Slate Plaque

Here is a great way to display man's most numerous pet - the cat.

This wonderful keepsake displays the name of your cat, the breed name, a paragraph about the breed, a place for a photograph of your pet, as well as the name of the owner(s), and a selectable quote printed on printed on 6''x8'' photo slate.

The plaque measures 5.85" x 7.8" x .375” and comes with black plastic "feet".
Because these are made from natural slate each piece will have it's own unique look, and the size can vary by up to +/-0.4".

These prints are perfect for animal shelters, pet stores, vets, professional trainers and groomers to show off their pets for sale, adoption, or show.  Pet owners will also love them to show of their beloved family member.

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